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Our family has relocated multiple times in the last 15 years. We have seen the best and the worst of relocation help during this process.

Changing your home, city and country is personal and a daunting task. It takes individualised attention and detailed execution to make the process a success. We know what it takes.

Let us help you now.

Gül Baktir( Director/Founder )

Gül Baktir has started her business journey with Arthur Andersen in 1997 as a Tax Assistant after graduated from Middle East Technical University. After 6 years of experience with Arthur Andersen and Ernst&Young acting as Tax Manager as her last position, she moved to Dubai, UAE due to their family move. Gul continued her career in Dubai as Business Center Manager of RAK and was fully responsible for start up period. After 26 months of stint in Dubai, she moved Muscat, Oman and London, UK respectively, as part of her family expatriation move.

And after Gul had moved back to Turkey, she decided to start-up her own business as entrepreneur in Feb 2012 with her Relocation experience and business management background in several countries. Gul, as part of her personal development programme, received certificate from EURA & Oxford Brookes University Business School’s Relocation Coaching Programme. After 5 years of Turkey experience, Gul moved her business to UK and became the Director of MY UK RELOCATION LTD.

She continues to provide relocation services in the UK for both her corporate and individual customers.

My UK Relocation

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