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This service starts before the arrival of the transferee to the UK. A questionnaire will be sent to the transferee by an e-mail in order to have an idea about the preferences of the family or the person. (number of kids, house preferences, requested number of bedrooms, apartment or house need, leisure activities of family members etc.)

After collecting all these information, we will form a short list of the possible areas and houses / flats. On the set dates, we provide assistance in viewing of possible rental properties which best suit the budget and the requirements.

The viewings may last for 2 to 3 days depending on the list and preferences. We will do all the program during the house search. You will be picked-up from your hotels or temporary accommodation and will be dropped off as well.

They will help us to arrange the viewings by getting in touch with the landowners. Finally, after the transferee and family decided on the property, we will make the final negotiations on behalf of the client and finalize the home search.


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