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The ongoing education of the children is a major concern while moving. We assist you with identifying the right school by providing the current information on types of curriculum available, school locations, types, fees and waiting lists if any.

There are state schools and private schools in UK as well as international schools. Once you will decide on your property, we will search for the most suitable schools depending on your choices, location and priorities.

We will contact all those schools’ admission offices in advance, to arrange meetings, ask for the waiting lists, get information in case of any special needs and all other required information.

On the set days, we will drive you to the listed schools, this service may take 1- 3 days. In addition to that we can accompany the family to prearranged interview if requested.

After your decision on the right school for your children, we will contact the school and arrange all necessary procedures. We can also assist you with finding playgroups, preschools and kindergartens for the younger ones; language courses and any other special courses for the adults.


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